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Mar 25, 2013 7:00am PDT
showers. we could see some rain as we head into saturday and sunday. >> secretary of state john kerry says he's made cleared to direct it should not allow around to use its air space suit ship weapons and fighters to syria. u.s. officials believe stickman's on iranian overflights are transported weapons and fighters to the embattled syrian government. kerrey says i iraq's behavior and allowing use of the aerospace raises questions about the country's reliability as a partner. >> police in georgia say an anonymous tip to help them make arrests and the shooting death of a 13 month old baby in a stroller. someone saw a person crowds in the backseat of a vehicle as it drove away from a shooting on thursday. detectives followed up and arrested a 14 year-old suspect. the boys' team that led them to take 17 year-old de'marquise elkins into custody. airport officials in birmingham alabama are trying to figure out how a three under par on arrival departure panel fell on to a family friday. the mother of a boy who was killed remains hospitalized with her on injuries in the still unaware of what happ
Mar 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
military exercises by the u.s. and south korea. >> secretary of state john kerry has had another meeting with afghan president hamid karzai a day after they put on a show of unity following cars as reason anti-american comments. this is a video of the meeting yesterday. kerry also met today with president and the u.s. back when an entrepreneur should program. businesswomen expressed concerns about what the 2014 transition will mean for not only women and girls but for afghanistan's commerce in general. boeing says a test flight of one of its drive to 787 went according to plan. the faa pulled all of the 787 dream letters from the sky in january due to overheating smoking batteries. boeing has been searching for a solution to the battery problem. the jet makers as guest is functional check flight lasted a little more than two hours out of an airport in everett washington. a second battery certifications lights as is plans and the coming days. >> present obama is coming to the bay area for for a separate fund-raising events. the resolute visiting the house and democratic fund-raiser thomas
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2